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Facebook a social network website is more then billions of user all over the globe. News feed is one of the great feature that Facebook have. But, before we go further you must have to know what is News Feed?
News feed is the home of your profile, a constantly updating list of stories from your friends, people you are following, pages you liked, groups you joined. News feed will contain all the important stories include status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity, likes and more.

Which content is most important or interesting how news feed determine that ?
Well, Facebook uses a algorithm of several factors to determine top stories, including the number of comments, who posted the story, and what type of post it is. (Example: photos, videos, status updates and more). It actually collection most commented and liked updates, updates of your close friends, the people you often talk with, liked photos and other related staff u do.If you are feeling that you are missing any important stories that you would like to have on your news freed that you have option to set up what you want to see in your news feed. Just go to news feed controls and adjust your settings as you want them to be.

Why stories about people you are not friend with or groups you are not joined yet ?
Some stories coming from outside, and you must be confused why your news feed showing them on the screen. Like stories about people you are not friend with, groups that you even didn't joined.
Well, you might see posts in your feeds from people you are not friends if you friends liked them or interact with that post (Friends of friends Facebook algorithm). These stories are set to be public or friends of friends.

Why news feed showing stories about friends who yet didn't accepted your friend request?
Now you might get stories from the people that yet didn't accepted your friend request or even the people you requested and decided to cancel. When you send a friend request to someone. stories that are shared as Public may appear in your News Feed. By this way you do not have to wait for that person to accept your friend request to see their public updates. Please remember that News Feed do not show stories that a non-friend wouldn't be able to see. People who have yet to accept your friend request will also appear on your Friends page. From Friend list you can add them.
If you do not like to see updates about the people didn't accept your friend request then you can simply hide them from your news feed by hovering over the top right of a story about them and clicking the Hide link that appears. You can also remove them as a friend by clicking X next to their name on your friends page.

Why a person able to see updates of me as i didn't accepted his friend request ?
Sometimes you might see that people who have send you friend request are also getting your updates on their news feed. This is because you have set your updates as public. So, those updates like photos, status, events privacy set to Public may appear in their News Feed. So, you have change them to friends of friends or only friends so the people you didn't accept friend request yet will not able to see your news feeds. If you decline a friend request from this person, stories about you will not appear in their News Feed anymore.
You can simply change the privacy settings by clicking the cog icon on the right top of every Facebook page and choosing Settings> Privacy and set up as you like it.

If any of my friend post on my Timeline profile who will able to see it in News Feed ?
If your friend post something on your Timeline profile, then it will appear on other places on Facebook like News feed and Graph Search as well, to the audience they are shared with. You can select the audience for stuff your friends post on your Timeline profile.

Why am i seeing stories about becoming friends with someone after an event ? How does Facebook generate these stories?
When you become friends with someone on Facebook shortly after an event you both said you attended, the event may be mentioned as part of the friendship story that displays on your Timeline profile and in News Feed as well. You can figure it out how you met this friend when you view your Friendship Page in the future.
If you do not like the event display as part of the story, you or your friends can remove it by going to Friendship page, you can access this page using the See Friendship link on your Friend's Timeline profile. Clicking on the X next to the Met after (Event) at the top of thep age will remove this information from both the friendship page and the News feed stories as well.
But please keep that in mind you can also delete the full friendship story and any other feed story by clicking the X next to the story.

How do promoted posts work in News Feed?
well, the promoted posts appear higher in News Feed, so there is a better chance your audience will see them.

Well this is not all, we have shared the important parts that you must know about News Feed. If you would like to know anything more about News Feed please let us know though the comment box.

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