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It has become more difficult and time consuming matter now a days to download a software or application in your computer and then install it. Where you can just get portable or "soft" installation applications that you simply carry them with you or just do not need to install them at all. I know it is very easy to use thing that we would love to do.
Now from where you can get them ? you must be thinking there must be some places on the Internet where you can find any portable applications or software ? Although few, the good news is that there are some where you actually get as you wished for!
 Portable software's or applications are really useful. If you are someone who constantly carrying around a flash drive, you should always have a collection of your favorite portable application (or even it could be a portable application suite) on it. You can also have them over cloud base file hosting and download them from anywhere and at any place you need. I actually have a folder in dedicated to no-installation-required programs, and syncing it to any new desktop or laptop means that I immediately have several applications available at my fingertips anytime i want. If someone my windows crashes i have my backup of my favorite software's or applications.

In this post we are going to show you 5 important websites that you can use best for portable application downloads:
Portable Freeware have a great collection on the Internet. Where you can find any portable applications of any kind. You can choose them as you like and it is 100% free of cost. All applications are free so you don't need to pay a peny and just choose what you like and start downloading.

When you visit The Portable Freeware Collection website it immediately sorts entries by the newest or latest uploaded applications, though you can toggle it so that it shows the most popular applications in an order. You can also just search what application you are looking for.

The Different between PortableFreeware and other portable application directory is that, they gives you all the information's about the application as far as possible. So, if you are going for any new application you can read information and decide you want it or not.
This website has very large collection and organized directory that is actually similar to the previous one Portable Freeware, but just structured differently.

On the left side you can check the sections and choose what you are looking for.In the right side you can find out the 5 recent software added on the website.Also there is a portable software applications random examples below on the right side. It actually a very good way that they have categorized everything. You can get antivirus, media player, IRC clients, email software, disk defragmenters, file managers, translators, system tools, web servers, browsers, messengers, encryption utilities, folder utilities and much more.

When you choose any of the software application you will have a full review page with a paragraph introducing the application, a screenshot, the extracted size, download information, other similar portable applications you might like and more. is presented very nicely, it's easy to navigate, and it offers respectable number of applications.
The name and the design of the website might starts with tiny(small) but it also have a large collection of portable software applications. It is a really interesting website and very niche spin to portable applications directory. The huge majority of the applications here are portable and important note is that all application are in very small size so it takes less time to grab them. is also categories its application like browsers, text editors, graphics software, system utilities, file managers, and even software for the Palm And Apple OS X platforms among many other miscellaneous applications.

If you have a small pendrive then TinyApps.Org will be the best one to choose. As all these applications are very small in size so for those of you who have a very small flash drive memory could carry them. All the software links are directly to the software owners page, shows the size of the application, and offers a brief sentence long explanation as to why it is useful for you. Even you will find some of the applications in kilobytes but don't go for there size they can be useful for you. You can also search to find the software of your choice. is one the most popular and well-known place on the web to go for a portable software application download. The most specifically and interesting is they are famous for suite. However, they also offers their applications in a standalone format through a directory of more than 300 apps all these are free and legal.

They are really good because they take some of the best applications found on the Internet and condense them into portable form. These application are never before been offered as portable installations. Well they made it possible and they provide them on the website for you.

Some of the important software that you might expect to find on are AkelPad, Stellarium, Frevic, Fyre, Blender, PicPick, FileZilla, FeedRoller, aMSN, Putty, Notepad, XAMPP for developers and much more.

We have collected as much as we and it is not possible to give all the websites, but if you know any website that is useful please feel free to share through our comment box. It will be easier for us to add more for you and for the people looking for portable application websites.

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