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Computer viruses is one of the major problem that we face while we are using our PC's regularly. Virus can effect your PC by a lot of ways. When you are using flash drive if that drive contain any harmful virus it will effect on your PC. Rather then that things that you download from different unwanted websites or email attachments. A virus destroy your files, can cause trouble, makes your PC slower, stop all services , turn off your Internet connection even though it can cause your hard drive to crash. So, it is very important to keep an eye on the files you are saving on your PC and websites that you are visiting regularly. Well, you might not get full protection all the time. But if you have a good anti virus running on your computer and scanning every files then you might be protected for about 99%. But none can provide 100% secure virus protection at all.

You might don't have any protection currently running on your PC. So, you are wondering you should scan your PC for once so that you can find out is there any problem running on your PC. A good news is that now you have option that you can scan your PC using the one of the oldest and popular virus scanner Bitdefender for free and without installing any software.

Just visit there website : Free Bitdefender Online QuickScan
Install the extension to your Firefox browser or Google Chrome and start the scan.

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