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You should be thinking about all your old post and status updates that you have made in the past over Facebook, are they really safe? is there any way that people can find them out without even trawling your Timeline. Well now Facebook after the latest update "Graph Search" yes people can do that without even trawling your timeline profile.

This year when Graph search was announced by CEO Mark Zuckberg earlier this year he said that it was designed to "help you get access to things people have shared with you" but, those things were limited to aspects like places you have been, pages you liked before, friends you added and photos of you. Now in this new update of Graph Search they have made it possible that people will able to search status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments, making it possible to search for things like "posts about Breaking bad by my friends" or "posts about partying by my friends" similar like these and all that. (it could be any other various niche keywords you would like to research) it is actually depend on the keywords and Graph Search will search all the keywords matching with your friends posts, photos, comments and others.
 If you would like to turn on Graph Search for check out -
How do i use Facebook Graph Search

Not only this, according to Facebook now you have the option that you can search for posts composed at a specific time, city, or specific place, by using phrases such as "posts by my friends in New York" or "post by my friends from this month or week" well that means you can find every single things about your friends. While all this sounds like a simple way to stalk your friends surface content that may have been missed in your Timeline and privacy cleaning efforts. But Facebook has been very careful to remind users that "you can only see content that has been shared with you, including posts shared publicly by people you are not friends with" so everything has a leak on it.

This latest updates of new Graph Search are being gradually rolled out to a subset of users, who Facebook will tail the changes with and adjust the system based on their feedback. Still, this means that only relatively small percentage of Facebook's billion-plus users will able to search through troves of old posts, especially considering the feature is only available to those using US English and the desktop version of the website. (not the suite of mobile apps and others)

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