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Graph Search has been updated once again. Recently, Facebook developers have introduce us with a new Graph Search with more features and options inside. Graph Search is a new way for browsing the social network just like Googling it. It means now you have option that you can Google your friends using Facebook Graph Search. Options like : letting you call up photos of your family in New York, restaurants that you friends visited in London, any status update that your friends added or even their older photos. Well, few months ago Facebook has only launched the beta version but now they have comes with a new and larger search. Now, as we all know some people are trying to do something wrong so you will need protection and you don't want to consider your privacy at anyway.

First of all you need to know about Graph Search, it is very useful and fun but a little bit terrifying if you do not know how you can protect yourself. Well, so we have made a simple tutorial walk-though for you privacy protection.

Take sometimes and think about your self that how you would like to use Facebook. You friends might want to utilize Graph Search to know which bars you recommend, or which brands you like most, what happened when you visited India and more. Now think about them are you really want to share these information with your friends. Please take some times to read and learn more about Graph Search. Now decide your privacy settings below:

Protect Your Future Post:
First you must protect your future posts. Because you know you don't want it to be be available on Graph Search right.Any update or post that you publish on Facebook, you get notification about privacy right ? even if you are using a mobile app or the desktop site, you will always find a audience selector drop-down menu with it. This menu actually giving you the option to control who can see what you are about to post. Options that are included : 'Public' (anyone can see it. your friends, friends of friends, or even any people over Facebook), 'Friends' Only your friends will allowed to see it' and the last option 'Only Me' (no one else will able to see it except you). This setting is applied for anything that you post, photos, status or anything you share from your Timeline.
Audience selector lets you decide who you want to share and who can't see your post.

The audience selector keeps your settings for every post So, if you made set up the settings once then it will remember your settings in the future as well. So, then next you won't have to change your settings again. It also have the option that you can decide a specific people you would like to share with or even you don't want to share. It have option to make a list of friends that you would like to share. So, you can make a list and add friends only those friends you trust and would like to share with. Rather choosing lot of people from your timeline, you can easily just make two list, one for those you don't want to share anything, and those you would like to share everything. How to add friends in List Facebook

Facebook actually understand you so, you have already built in two list for you by them. All you need to do is add friends to the list. 'Close Friends' those will show up more often in your news feed and 'Restricted' people that you would like to restrict on your updates and don't want to see their updates much (it could be your boss or your moralizing grandmother) they won't be able to see any of your post unless you don't change the post settings to 'Public. It is a really nice way to deal with your friends that you don't like, you can call it a simple shortcut.

Then you must know about tagging. This is actually very important because when you tag any of your friend in any photos, check-in, updates or any other activities, they can then see that content irrespective of the audience selector setting. Default settings, all their friends will able to see the post as friends of friends, you must have notice sometimes that someone else from outside is commenting on your post. Well, you have option that you can disable this behavior using 'Custom' options from the audience selector. It can be also disabled by the friend you tagged but as for the default settings its switch off you should be aware of it.

Protecting Your Current Posts:
Now what about your current posts, you have have to protect them as well. Everything in Facebook that you already have shared have the drop-down audience selector drop-down menu with it on your Timeline. Even the books you have liked, the places you have visited, the places that you have worked, schools you attended, even your list of friends. Now to protect your current posts go to your Timeline profile and click 'Update info' to find all options. If you do not want to share all your information like Hometown, places etc on Graph Search then limit the audience for that particular piece of information. You also have the option for the pages you have liked (from restaurants to clothing's stores). Use the 'Activity log' option on your Timeline to review all of your likes and remove anything you are not happy with. You must have be very careful because this is about your privacy.

Use the update info box and activity log to change the visibility of information and posts privacy settings on your timeline.

A built in tool that can limit the visibility for previous post set as 'Public' or 'Friends of Friends' it include all the post under these settings. Do change it just click on the cog icon on the toolbar (top of the Facebook screen), then just choose 'Privacy Settings' on the next screen select 'Limit Past Posts'. Now read the confirmation message and select 'Limit Old Posts' option to restrict everything you have ever posted to friends only. Now you will be at least secured from public and friends of friends from all your posts.

Protect yourself from your friends:
You should know one important thing that everything on Facebook that you have it just half of your stories and the other half is from your friends who are posting on your Timeline and tagging you in status, photos and others, from even embarrassing events to incriminating photos.  All these updates and picture are belong to your friends, which means they control the audience, and who can find them on Graph Search. But, you should know that still you have the option. You can actually prevent these post from appearing on your Timeline profile, and restrict the ways in which you can be tagged. This is turn limits your exposure on Graph Search.You can limit the ability of your friends to tag you. So, if they tag you in somewhere first Facebook will ask you do you want it to be on your Timeline or not.

Open your 'Account Settings' panel page from the cog icon drop-down menu at the top of Facebook, and the select 'Timeline and Tagging'. and then you can set up a 'review posts' option that will lets you approve or block anything you got tagged in. Not only these you can also specify who is able to see posts you are tagged in, and posts on your own Timeline. After you adjust all the privacy settings, and they will be waiting for you once Graph Search goes Facebook-wide.Remember: It is come to our attention that this actually just hides posts from your Timeline, but doesn't keep them away from others. So, the best way to turn them off would be lock this stuff down in actually to go review your Activity log.

Privacy settings shortcut menu to make quick privacy change

Now you don't have to go here and there to change your privacy settings, by using Facebook privacy shortcuts menu you can just find some of the important privacy settings you need to fix easily just by clicking on the lock icon top of your Facebook toolbar. From there you can also find a master audience selector setting under the 'Who can see my stuff?'

It is likely that now you have been divided with two camps of your friends on Facebook, those who you are happy to share most of your life, and those you are friends with out necessity or obligation. Just using a few tweaks to your privacy settings can make Graph Search very useful to the former group, while limiting the amount of spying the latter group or Facebook users in general can carry out.

If you know any more tips about Facebook please feel free to share using our below comment box. That would help others and as well as me.


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