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A simple trick actually can disable or deactivate graph search just right now. Graph search is made it easy for everyone to find everything about you on Facebook. But, also messed up the search as you are getting more results which makes you confused.At first the Graph Search was limited but after the recently updates to it now there is more options. The largest social network has now become a search engine for social people searching. Now you can actually search your friends information using the search bar right at the top of every Facebook page. Some of your have find it difficult for your privacy concerns so they would like it to turn it off or remove it from Timeline. But it is really understandable because they can't find any perfect solution for this. But you actually have a simple way out.

If you want to know more about graph what people can search about you or what you can search about people then you can read here - Facebook latest Graph Search Updates

Now, here goes a simple trick that you can disable the Facebook Graph Search :

(Note:This settings do not work for Facebook desktop client)
Step 1:Scroll down the Facebook page or just change the language from Logging page/Home page of Facebook. Or just go to your 'Account Settings' panel and select 'General' and find the language settings.

Step 2:Now select any language you would like (Eg: your mother language) if it is English then select English(UK) but do not choose English (US). After you have select the language apply it.
Now you are done, your Graph Search will be disable by default settings of Facebook.

(Note: This is for a limited period of time. When Facebook turn on Graph search for all language this trick will work. Until then enjoy)

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