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Do you know today's kid actually do not like Facebook anymore like the old days. There are actually a lot of reason behind it. Kids always look for a place where they can stay away from their parents and relatives and have fun and try to go beyond the lines and restrictions. At the starting of Facebook it was really easy for the kids to maintain the privacy of them self's. But now the days are changed for them. So, we have collection 20 reasons why kids do not like Facebook anymore. These reason are just based on the thoughts of some of the kid users of Facebook.
At the first stage a social network was more likely for college students and teens not below 13. But now a days everything is changed and Facebook become more public forum for moms, dads, uncle, aunties, grandparents to embarrass their family members.
Now a days kids are more likely using and prefer Instagram, Tumblr and SnapChat over Facebook. The reason are below:

20 Issues why Kids Do Not Like Facebook Anymore
  1. Now your parents or parents of your parents are using Facebook and looking after you.
  2. Moms are watching all status updates that you post over Facebook.
  3. You can't post cryptic messages or song lyrics without being called out.
  4. You can't even post dirty jokes or funny status anymore.
  5. Dad is uploading pictures and you got tagged on them friends got the chance to like and comment to make fun of it.
  6. Mom or Dad is commenting and liking posts, your friends are now afraid and thinking before saying anything on it.
  7. Negative status can upset your Grandparents.
  8. Dad's updates are embarrassing.
  9. Your childhood pictures are now on Facebook because mom's know how to scan and upload these photos and tag you.
  10. Now dad and moms are posting over walls to tell everything even the things that don't have to share with public.
  11. Now there is no option to grab a cool name for Facebook as mom and dad will not like it.
  12. Grandpa has watch a video which makes you feeling awkward.
  13. Your parents are now talking and adding your Facebook friends.
  14. If any unknown girls comment you parents are asking who is she ?
  15. Parents are uploading embarrassing photos.
  16. Aunties and Uncles are poking and commenting, wall posting, even uploading photos that you don't want to share with friends.
  17. Now the time you spend on Facebook your mom is watching.
  18. Mom's making dishes and you got tagged every time.
  19. Now your secret childhood name is public, because your friends knows it thought your parents.
  20. Parents can see which events you are joining and where you are hanging out with friends.


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