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We all want to have something very special. Special like having a card of FBI, NSA just like want to be spy because they are smart and people like them a lot. Most of the time we see spy people's over TV. Now if you get a option that you can be at least make your friends amazed that will make your friends think that you are spy. You now have the option by The owner of the domain is selling sub-domain or even email address with only for $100. If you have them only $100 then they will give you a email address like sounds great right.

Now you must be thinking about the person who is behind this ? well Chris Fisher, 40 year-old IT consultant is the owner of that domain since 1995 as once upon a time he was involved in the hack scene and just a fun domain over IRC(Internet Chat Protocol) from for trash talking and bustups with rival hackers.

On that time it was very cheap to register domain so he did many. He even use to own the domain and even he own it and turn off the option that people can request to boy the domain.

He is now selling email addresses to make a few bucks and take advantage of the sudden notoriety of the NSA, thanks to Edward Snowden and his top-secret leaked documents.

"Since I am taking a break from the consulting, I figured this would be a decent source of income while living in super cheap Oregon," he said.

Fisher also said that he's been in talks with WikiLeaks. "We might do something together,"

"I personally feel it would be pretty hilarious to have dox [documents] coming out from the domain," he said, adding that he might also do something with the Internet advocacy group Fight For The Future.

A quick search with the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine reveals that the website has never had a very specific function. For most of 2007, for example, all you could see when visiting it was a giant asterisk. And, before that, the site apparently was some sort of parody or critique of the NSA.

If you're wondering whether you should bite the bullet and buy an email address, Fisher has posted a tongue-in-cheek FAQ on the site that answers precisely that question.

"Why should I give you money?" asks the FAQ. "Because you are vain."

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