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People love to share status, pictures, videos, notes and others over Facebook but what about the privacy ? who can see it and who can not ? well, there is a big option for you that you can actually choose what to share with whom. For example you would like to share a post with a person, or even a group of people, or even you can choose that you only want it to be show to your friends.Even if you do not like specific person that you don't like to be share your post then you have the option too. This is really important because we really don't want to share our everything with every people connected with us. Public post are like anyone can see the post Ex: your friends, your friends of friends unknown person and everyone else. So, while you are choosing your privacy for any post of Facebook you must be very careful.

Here we start how you will able to share and take care of your post privacy settings.

Step 1: Taking care of privacy is very simple task. First you need to write or upload the post. After you have done with your post you can see a icon just beside the post icon. Now after you click that icon a popup window will show and you will have the option to choose :

Custom - to choose the people you would like to share with or you don't want to share.
Only Me - Only you can see your post.
Friends - Only your friends can see your post.
Public - Everyone in Facebook will able to see your post.

After you have selected suitable privacy for you now you can simply click post and you post will be shared with privacy as you liked it to be.

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