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Many of the users have been asking me "How to edit Facebook status post". Well, we all know before we didn't have that option. Due to some auto current features, not only this sometimes we forget to add some lines or miss spelling or even names, places and others in our status updates and after we made the post we feel very disappointing and again delete it and right it again.But what about the likes and comments.Now Facebook has finally introduce the ability to edit status updates.

Now you can easily edit your status from your PC, Android Facebook app, iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS app and others.

Now you are able to edit your older Facebook status and will able to make it current as you like it to be.

Below we have made a simple tutorial for you that how you will able to edit your status updates easily:

Step 1: Firstly, you need find the older post or just go to the post you have just made. On right side of your post you can see a "Down Arrow Sign" click on it and select "Edit".
Step 2: Secondly, you will able to see a box with your old text, Now edit it as you like, and click "Finished Editing". You are done :)

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