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After recent changes to Facebook timeline and others, once again they have come with a new look and design which is more easy to use. This new update comes for PC users only. First of all new menu in the left side looks like apples menu's. Well, the menu includes all important part of your daily Facebook use. Example : News feed tab, Messages, Events, Personal Pages, Apps and more. Menu is slightly smaller with only images of the tabs. But if you just scroll your mouse inside any of the tabs you will find the name of the tab. Other than that you can also make menu larger. Old Facebook pages, events links are gone. This new tab or menu is designed for a new experience that we always get from Facebook. Lets have a look :

That's not the only Facebook look and design, a lot more to come. In our next article we will post more details and how to use the new features as well. So, stay tune.

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