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Now Facebook has given you one more advance option that you can easily update your status What's On Your Mind ? inside a popup window just from any page even if you are in your profile, or even if you are in your friends profile or even a page you are visiting. You don't need click on Home to update your status. All you need to do is just click on one button and a popup will load and type your message What's on your mind and send it will automatically update your update and close the popup window and you will able to continue what you are doing. I know its quite interesting right well here you go how you will able to update your status with in just few seconds with just a click.

Here you go ....
Step 1: From any page in Facebook you need to go to your home click on the icon (edit) just beside your name just like below image.
Step 2:Now just click on it and a popup window will appear and all need to do is to type What's On Your Mind.

Step 3: After you done with your status just click on Post and you are done now your status has been updated.

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