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At the first time Facebook introduce its new sticker functionality for their messenger apps on Android and iOS. There was no implementation of these on PC & MAC, but today you have the option that you can also send stickers to your friend in Facebook chat. Well, you might be thinking from where you will get stickers. As you know we have already posted a simple tutorial on behave how you will able to use Facebook chat stickers easily ? now by this tutorial you will able to send all the stickers given by Facebook.

But, Wait .... i don't think that will be well enough for you right. Do you want more funny, crazy, interesting and improved custom stickers. Well, today we have collected some of the great Facebook Chat Stickers for you. All you need to do is select the sticker that suits you and you would like to send it to your friend and just simply click on it and you are done. Then select the name of your friend whom you would like it to send and Share.

So, Here goes another collection.
New Facebook Chat Stickers

How to send them : Select any of the above image that you would like and click on it. A new window will popup and then type the name of your friend that you would like it to be send in the names field. Then just click share.

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