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Well Facebook just rolling out its latest improvements to timeline profile that will going to help you express what is really much important to you.

A place for things that you really care about:
If you visit your timeline profile first thing that you will see is about page. Well, Facebook has redesigned sections give you one place to add your favorite musics, movies, TV shows and books that interest you, alongside your photos and your friends as well..
If you are a movie freak, you can add your favorites to your movies section or use apps like Flixter and Netflix to share what you are watching.

Well, if you are a good reader, you can keep track of the books you want to read or add more with Goodreads.
If you see a book a friend read recently, you can also add it your your books section by clicking the add button. Well, now Facebook has made everything so easy to use right.

Not only that you can also add other apps to share more things you do, For example, if you would like to add your Instagram photo stream as a section on your timeline now you have the option to do it. Now if you would like to remove any of your app that you don't want it to be on your timeline profile just visit your activity log and delete it.

Now a new look of new timeline - a cleaner layout
Facebook has already heard of many people complaining about the timeline layout as it is very much hard to use or to read. Well, from today, all posts are on the right side of your timeline profile, with photos, music and other recent activity you have done on your left.
Well, more updates are coming very soon so keep in touch in our blog and read more about whats new on Facebook