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Windows phone vs iphone For all that mobile phones are increasingly able to do everything except the washing up; most people still want to be able to play games, such as online casino, on these devices first and foremost. While people may claim that gaming is not everything, failing to keep up in that particular market can be a major problem for any of the mobile manufacturers as Microsoft has found in the past. Although previous model Windows Phones have had much to recommend them, they fell crucially short of the iPad and even Android when it came to games. So does the latest model, the Windows Phone 8, do anything to rectify this situation?

Well it's not as if Microsoft hasn't been attempting to close the gaming gap on Apple with previous models most notably the marketing tie in between its Games Hub and the hugely successful Xbox Live but there have been problems with getting the best games developers to create for Windows Phones that have seen games such as Words with Friends go to the iPhone instead. One of the biggest changes that Microsoft has opted to make with Windows Phone 8 is to use its own Windows 8 code, integration between the two which should make things easier and cheaper for developers through not requiring them to put their resources into creating the codes.

The other major benefit this will have is that it will allow those games created for Windows 8 whether it is online casino games on sites like or another kind to be transferred over to the mobile devices. However it is still necessary for Microsoft to tackle the issue of making developing games for the Windows OS as potentially profitable as iOS, and their attempt to do this is to provide developers with the opportunity to offer gamers in-game purchases. Whether this entices developers or not remains to be seen, but looking to make money from the development of games apps is risky whichever OS you develop for, so at least this offers them a chance to do so via Windows OS.

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