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Facebook a perfect social network where you have privacy for everything. Status updates post in timeline profile "What's On Your Mind ?" is one of the most used feature in Facebook timeline which is the first thing that everyone do whenever they connect with Facebook. You can add your current location, picture, people you are with, videos with timeline post. So, it is much important to have some privacy with the your updates. You might like to add a status only for your close friends or even for family or might for just a single person. Even you just don't want to show your status to certain amount of people in timeline. Well, In Facebook you have the option to do it.

I know people already know how to add privacy for visibility for status in timeline. But today we are going to share one more important trick you don't know yet.

All you need to do follow the steps for privacy settings of your status updates in timeline post.

Step 1: White your status inside the status box and then click on the drop down menu then choice your desire settings with whom you would only like to view your status. Friends, Public, Only Me, Customs.

Step 2: If you select Customs then you have the option that you can simply add the persons that you only like to view the status or even the people you don't like it to view. Now here goes the new trick. You already know Facebook new feature list. So, you have your close friends list, family list, or even the people you work with, childhood friends or even you can simply make your own list.

Now you have the option to add a list of people you would like to view or you would like to hide.
If you like to only show to your close friends then just add "Close Friends" inside the make this visible box.
If you do not like it to view by your family then simply just add "Family" inside hide this from box.
Now you do not need to add all the names because all the name will be in the list.

Sometimes people just want to give status only for the female friends on their list. For that all you need to do is just make a list How to make a list in Facebook and follow the Step 2.

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