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We all know Facebook timeline has lot of features. One of the most interesting feature in new Facebook timeline is that now you have the option to add your location map, tag or mention your friends or even places or even public figures in your status post or updates. So, you might be thinking what it exactly do ? So, you are visiting a place with your friends, or hanging out with your brothers and sister. Now you can give details to your Facebook friends what your current location and the people you are with. For Example: you and Monica hanging out at KFC 242 E 14th St New York. Then you simply add this to your Timeline status with map and mention that you are with Monica.

So, now Facebook makes it more easier to let your friends know about your current location and the people you are with. Not only this you can simply Mention or Tag your friends, public figures, pages in your status. If you tag any of your friends your friend will get notification about the tag. So, that is very interesting and useful feature that everyone loves in Timeline.

Follow below steps for tagging, mentioning, places, location map in timeline:

How to tag or mention a friend and add place or public figure's in status:
Step 1: All you need to do is use @ sign where you would like to add your friend name. For Example : you would like to write : Hey, Monica it was a great day with you! . For just before Monica use the sign @ and type Mo or just M you will get all the suggestions of the friends name starting with M and then you can just select it.

Step 2: Adding a place is just like Step 1 all you need to do is if you are at kfc just add @KFC and you will get suggestion about kfc brand pages select one and you are done.
Step 3: If you like to add public figures like John Cena or even a page you just have to do same as like above step 1 and step 2 add @ and type the name of page or celebrity name.
Remember if you add your friend or any page or public figure or place with your status the people who are able to see it will also able to click and view the profile or page. Because tagged names will be clickable and whenever someone click it will redirect to the profile or page.

How to add location map and add or tag friends in Facebook timeline:
Step 1: If you are in your status box you can see a small button with the name of your current location. For example i am in Dhaka now so my one is showing Dhaka.
Step 2: Click on the place and type the name of the place you are current in and select from the drop down menu.
Step 3: Now just before the place you will able to see a icon click on the icon.
Step 4: A box will popup asking who are you with ? click on the box and type the name of your friend. you can add comments what's on your mind on top box. and just press post.
Now after you post your status you will able to see that you have tagged your friends with your current location map and if you visit your timeline you will also able to see map of the place as well. But in News Feed or home of your Facebook you will only see the name of the place.

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