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As we all can see Timeline is one of the most important updates among all Facebook updates. Now the majority of people are starting liking timeline as they can't change it or close it. Now most of us are giving positive views towards timeline and also it is considered the biggest change in the history of Facebook. We know one forth people in the world that Facebook has passed 800 million users globally, and it is a very good example how a simple and small change can effect the life of human beings. Well, if you are still not using Facebook timeline we have already posted how you will able to enable Timeline profile -

timeline is a feature which gives you many more different data which you might not get in your old profile. For example, if you like to find out any status updates, or even a photo you have posted long back, your wall post it could be months or even years, but still you are able to find it out so easily using timeline. Not only this there are more useful features.

In this article we are going to describe about some of the great features of Facebook timeline profile.

Activity Log
Activity log is a very useful feature of Timeline. This feature actually shows you all your activities of each of every single day. For privacy reasons Facebook has set activity logs to be viewed only by the owner. For you are the only one who can see all of your every day activity. For example, 10 days ago you have commented or liked a page. From activity log you will able to find it out so easily. You also have option that you can delete any of the activities from the log.

View As
Now you might have updated your timeline profile and would like to see how your friends will see it. View As feature gives you the option that you can view your profile as a friend. So, that means how your profile would appear to your friends also to subscribers and public as well. This is a very good feature to protect your privacy.

Life Events
Your life is not a straight road. You get so many changes in your life some of the changes might be good even some of them could be bad. So, Facebook has bring you a new feature which would allow you to add all your life events in your timeline. For example, you have attend school then collage then university and after that you worked in a company and left it then joined in another. Your relationship changes. Not only these even your home and living, health and wellness, travel and experiences you can keep all of your life events record of each and everything.

Facebook maps keep tracks of your things and placement. This is the best way to keep an eye at your friends because using this feature all the check in which have done is displayed on the map. All your places are visible on the map and you can even backlog the places you have been, as well as easily and quickly tag existing photos with locations. In my point of view this feature is very much useful for everyone.

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