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We all are really amazing to see a lot of changes in Facebook features in the last few months. Among them Timeline profile, ticker tab, chat, news feed and list.Well, as we all know Timeline profile is the most important updates in Facebook. On the other hand we now see that Facebook is changing and updating new features. You can see your chat box has been changed. Inside of every notification is the notification is related to photos then the photo will be come as a small thumb inside the notification. Now in Facebook you have the option that you c an be invisible for a particular person or group of peoples.Even now you have the option that you will be only seen by some selected friends of yours.
Meanwhile, with the massive updates as some of the users are really happy as they are getting more features on the other hand the old active users feeling like Facebook is becoming so difficult to them. Because, when people get addicted to something they are very deep into that. But whenever it changes they lost their tracks and couldn't find a a way out. As because of Facebook newly features Facebook has gained lot more popularity and user friendly but also in a very short time Facebook has lost lot of active users.

Now, Whenever Facebook updates something a majority of people simply don't like it at all. For example: 23% of Facebook active users do not like Timeline profile and they simply hate it and trying to find a way that they could back to their old profile. But, unfortunately there isn't way that they could simple go back and use their old simple profile.

Well, So, what do you think what could be the next updates Facebook might have ?

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