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Sometimes while using and typing with keyboard we hate to use the mouse and we like to have Shortcut keys for fast and easy processing. Well, after the Facebook has launched the new Timeline all the old Facebook shortcut keys might not work. Well, so for you guys we have collected all the shortcut keys for Facebook timeline. Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V these are the common shortcuts keys for Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste for all browser and for everywhere.

Well, expect them Facebook has its own shortcut keys so that you can share post comments faster. if you are still not using Timeline then you must activate your timeline profile for more cool features - Activate Here.

Google chrome(Safari) Facebook timeline shortcut keys:

Shortcut KeyFunction
Alt + MNew message box pop's up
Alt + ?Cursor will get into Search box
Alt + 0Opens Help Center
Alt + 1Opens Home Page
Alt + 2Opens Profile Page
Alt + 3Friend Request
Alt + 4Messages if any
Alt + 5Notification
Alt + 6Opens Account Settings
Alt +7 Opens Privacy Settings
Alt + 8Official Facebook page
Alt + 9Service Agreement 
LLike/Unlike Photos in Lightbox mode

Mozilla Firefox Facebook timeline Shortcut keys:

Shift + Alt + MNew Message
Shift + Alt + ?Cursor in Search box
Shift + Alt + 0Help Center
Shift + Alt + 1Home Page
Shift + Alt + 2Profile Page
Shift + Alt + 3Friend Request
Shift + Alt + 4Messages if any
Shift + Alt + 5Notification
Shift + Alt + 6Account Settings
Shift + Alt +7 Privacy Settings
Shift + Alt + 8Official Facebook page
Shift + Alt + 9Service Agreement 
Shift + Alt + 6Account Settings
LLike/Unlike Photos in Light box

Internet Explorer Facebook timeline Shortcut keys:

Alt + M + EnterNew Message
Alt + ? + EnterCursor in Search box
Alt + 0 + EnterHelp Center
Alt + 1 + EnterHome Page
Alt + 2 + EnterProfile Page
Alt + 3 + EnterFriend Request
Alt + 4 + EnterMessages if any
Alt + 5 + EnterNotification
Alt + 6 + EnterAccount Settings
Alt +7 + Enter Privacy Settings
Alt + 8 + EnterOfficial Facebook page
Alt + 9 + EnterService Agreement 
LLike/Unlike Photos in Light box

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