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Recently Apple has released its new version iOS 6 Beta 3 and this is only avaiable for registered developers. Well, currently it is over the air(OTA) via Settings>General>Software Update or you can simply login to Apple Developers Portal to download this beta version 3 of iOS 6.

Well, just 3 weeks back apple has released its beta version 2 and now finally they have come to beta 3, just a week longer than it was between beta version 1 and beta version 2, and a week longer than Apple's typical , but not consistent, 2 weeks beta version cycle. Till we are not sure what to come, if anything, even if anything changed between iOS 6 beta 2 and iOS 6 beta 3, and since pre-prelase Apple software is subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) we won't be hearing anything official from Apple.

Well as we know, Apple brings us iOS 5 with more then 200 new features, and also a plethora of new API for developers, is expected to be released alongside with iPhone 5 and perhaps iPad mini this fall. Well, so for the new features we must have to wait for the next Apple release.

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