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Many of Bangali friends writing or typing comments, messages, chatting, status in Bangla or Bengali Language on Facebook. You must be thinking to post something in Bangla as well. First of all we must choose a method that we can easily type and post in Facebook. Well, as we all know if you would like to type Bangla in Microsoft you will need fonts, software as we as Bangla keyboard. If you would like to do it in another way then you can also use browser Plugins and etc. Well, there is a easy way that you will able to type in Bangla without any hesitation and most important is that you will able to do that with your English keybaord. So, there is no need to change or buy a Bangla Keybaord.

Well here we are going to share 2 simple methods that would be very helpful to type in Bangla using English letters and english keyboard.

Method 1:
If you don't want to install any software to type in Bangla then the solution is here and its very simple and easy.


Using lexilogos Bangla keyboard you will able to type in Bangla very easily. All you need to do is type the words in English. For example you want to type AMAR - অমার্ . In the box just type amar and you will see it will automatically convert the word into অমার্ in bangla. So, it is very hesitation free. It also have the keyboard so you can also click on the letters to built up a word.

So, now using the Lexilogos Bangla Online Keyboard just type the text in English and it will convert them in Bangla and post in your Facebook.

Method 2:
Type in Bangla using english using avro Keyboard.If you have never heard of it then you must install it and use it. Avro is a very easy to use software to type in Bangla. It includes built in Bangla fonts, Bangla keybaord, English to Bangla converter, Mouse Bangla Keyboard.

So, whenever you type something in English it will simple convert it to Bangla anywhere. So, just need to download and install the software and after installation you will have a promt avro menu all time on your windows top bar. Whenever you want to type in Bangla just need to press the Bangla key and when you would like to come back click English.

To Install this simple and great software VISIT THIS LINK.
If you would like to have a portable version of the software VISIT THIS LINK FOR PORTABLE.

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