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Animation is such a way to make someone smile, cry, scare easily. Well, Animation means lot of images together with a theme inside. Well, we love to see animated pictures and share them with our friends as well. Facebook is the way that we connect with our friends so easily and able to share our feelings thoughts and much more. Facebook is like a virus in our brain that we can't even single day without it.

Talking about adding a animated image in Facebook notes, it has spread like a virus and almost everyone was trying to copy it but many was not able to do because there is a trick involved in it. Well, it is basically very easy all you need to do is follow the below steps:

Step 1: First of all you will need to select a animated image. To do that you can go to this ANIMATED PHOTOS APP and select an animated picture of your choice. Allow the APP to access your basic information of Facebook. Well, you need to wait little while to load the page.

Now after you have selected the image of your choice right click on it and open it in new tab. Then copy the address from the address tab of the image.

Step 2:  Go to your Facebook and select Notes then White a note.  Now add the following code inside of your note :
Just go to the body and write <img src=”PASTE THE COPIED LINK HERE“/> for example:-
<img src=”″></img>

It will look alike this below image:
Now publish your note and you will see that your have animated image with your logo. But keep that in mind photo server must have to be with Facebook. You just need to add the images from the link we have given. If you would like to add animated images of your choice from your anywhere else then simply upload the photo in that website.

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