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You might get invitations from lot of your friends of an Facebook app called Who is viewing your profile in your notifications. Well, you might get excited too just like to your friends and want to see the list of people who is viewing your profile. So, you would allow the app to access to your private Facebook data and information.

Well, then do not allow this app to access to your profile because its a scam. It will send invitation to all your Facebook friends when you allow the app to access. This is just like the all other scam and keep it on mind that can harm you and your friends as well.

Facebook do not allow to access any data so that you can view who is viewing your profile. Facebook do not have any feature for viewing who is viewing your profile. Its just simple , to viewing who is viewing your profile app need to access Facebook private database for the log, which is not publicly allowed.

Please be careful of this scam and tell your friends as well not to allow and share such a scam like that.

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