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Sometimes when we are in such a hurry we made mistakes like misspelling even we would like to change few words and but after the comment has been posted there wasn't any way that we can re-write it again. We all made such silly mistakes while commenting. Well, as we all know Facebook didn't have any feature that we can fix our comments. The only option was that you need to delete your past post and write it again as a new comment. Well, i guess that is not a big deal as it won't going to take lot of times to post a new comment, but for sure it was not cool to write the entire comment once again.

Well, not to worry about it anymore as Facebook frequently trying to bring us new changes and updates to make more user friendly interface, Few days before Facebook added a new feature "Facebook allows its users to edit their comment rather than deleting and rewriting them" So, now you have a option that all your comments are editable or you can say re-writable.

How to edit your comments on facebook :
This option is for all comments.
Step 1: First, go to your comment page as like below :
 Step 2: Now,  take your cursor over your comment, look at the right side of your comment you will able to see a edit pencil icon click on it.
 Step 3: Now, a small menu with edit and delete option. Select edit if you would like to edit the post or if you would like to delete the post click delete.

 When you are done with your editing just press Enter and you are done.

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