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Most of us love to chat with friends using the Facebook chat client. I know we all love to spend our time on chatting, but now you must have to be worried, because a new worm is spreading on messaging service, a link that leads to a malicious file. This file includes and executable file in it with the name of "Facebook" and the file send automatically.

“Once executed, this malware (detected as WORM_STECKCT.EVL) terminates services and processes related to antivirus (AV) software, effectively disabling AV software from detection or removal of the worm. WORM_STECKCT.EVL also connects to specific websites to send and receive information,”

Now what does this worm do, its simple as like all other worms that it will downloads another worm and executes it and so on. Worm name:WORM_EBOOM.AC.

You can see the worm picture above, may be the worm can be little bit different then the image above. So, you need to be careful and let your friends know about this worm share this posts and spread to Facebook and let others know.
Be careful whenever you are downloading a file from Facebook. Do not download any suspected files.

How the worm will harm you:
1. This worm is capable of monitoring an affected user’s browsing activity such as message posting and deleted posted messages on Facebook.

2. It can monitor private messages sent on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, WordPress, and Meebo.

3. It spreads itself by posting links on the social networking sites on your behalf.

Hackers are always trying different types of methods of exploiting members on Facebook and other social media. Well, you all need to ignore such this type of links which they think are suspicious. The most important thing is that never reveal your credit card details and other important information online. Please feel free to share this posts with your friends and let them know about it.

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