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Now a days Facebook has massive updates. It is clear that Facebook has made lot of changes and improved the quality for the users to be more user-friendly and easy to use. Facebook recently updated its chatting client. Now a question comes to our mind ? what is the new feature that Facebook has added to chat. Well, now you have the option that you can go to users timeline profile by clicking on a the link which is available on Facebook chat. Well, what will be the benefits using this feature ? now this new feature made it so easy to navigate to your friends timeline profile through chat. Well, this feature is one among the new updates which Facebook is willing to bring in the future.

This new feature is very simple to use and user-friendly and will make users more easy to find out friends. Currently we all know that whenever we want to see any of our friends profile, we need to search his name on Facebook search bar to view his timeline profile. But this feature made it so easy that while you are chatting to your friend you can simple click on the chat link right next to your friend name or photo and will able to view his timeline profile.

Take a look at the image below to see how you will able to use this feature:

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