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If you think about social media Facebook will come as the first suggestion because it has became the most popular social network till now. To be on top Facebook need to add lot more feature to keep interest of the people. Facebook has recently announced a new feature for all users that now Facebook users will able to share files with each other and with people as well on Facebook groups.The new feature Facebook file sharing was only allowed for .edu address to use it in the school groups. Well, this new feature will surely kill all the file sharing website like dropbox and mediafire rapidshare and others those who provided cloud storage for the uers. Well, now the question is what will be the maximum file size to upload. Well Facebook will only allow upto 25 MB of files.

Now you must be thinking what type of files are allowed and which are not. If you are thinking of upload music like mp3 wmv files well then forget about it because facebook is not going to allow you to upload these formats. If you are thinking about uploading .exe files then no Facebook is not going to allow you that. But you can upload e-books, comics, music videos and other small movies smaller then 25 MB.

Other important thing is that Facebook is again strict enough and would provide the users an option to report about any thing any file which they feel is not appropriate or should be removed and breaking privacy and terms and condition of Facebook file sharing for example : Copyrighted material are not allowed to be uploaded. 380 million people on Facebook are using Facebook groups and this is the only reason that Facebook is going to allow users to add files on the groups and share with group members.

In the year 2010 Facebook acquired one of the popular site The site is about users will able to upload and add their content and was not compulsion to join the site. Even users were allowed to make conference calls between their buddies on the list.

I personally think that soon Facebook will add more attractive features for its users. So, lets wait little bit more for more fun and joy.

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