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Most important part in Facebook and the most used function is the like button millions hits each and every single day. Every status updates by users, videos or photos, pages, apps uploaded is incomplete without the number of likes accompanying it. Well not only that if you want to have your update top on the news feed then you must need to get more likes to get featured. It is a usual practice of observing the number of likes on your friends updates of status, photos, videos and others. It will sounds funny that even a likes can make fight between couples of he/she liked your pic or status etc. I know it sounds weird to you but it has become a truth and Facebook changed the world into this.

"FAD" or "Facebook addiction Disorder" which seems to be wide spread among most of the users of the giant social networking site. With competition from Google's social network Google+ (plus), Facebook incorporated many new features for example subscribe, video chat, ticker, timeline and others. But still the like button is in the top of all features and has created its own place on Facebook.

"Like Button" was originally launched in 2010 at launch Mark Zuckerberg made a bold prediction that like button will be hit 1 billion times with in the first 24 hours. Now according to Facebook S-1 filing, users are generating around 2.7 billion likes per day which means every 24 hours. I know that is huge numbers of likes and just think what other features on Facebook that could get more hits then this.

Now there is another noice coming out in the social giants about the launch of "hate" button. Facebook expects double use of this Hate button as people mostly hate more things then they like over the internet. With millions of likes on many popular Facebook pages, the Hate button is expected to top the numbers. With Facebook going IPO soon, this can cause a great hype. Sources at Facebook say Mark is estimating 2 billion Hates on the first day of launch. Well, for now that is not a big deal in Facebook as whenever users see something new they start to do it.

There is also an internal debate on whether the new button should be called "hate" or "dislike". There is a talk regarding other buttons being used. But that may lead to explosion of buttons. Sources say the Hate button is not a sure thing. It is being heavily debated inside the social networking company. There is a mixed response among the Facebook team regarding this as some like the idea and some others don't. Keeping in mind that the company is going IPO, no official statement has been announced yet. It will be all depending on the votes count either what it will be announced or not. Well then Let's just wait for the Facebook official to announce it and also think what it could be a "dislike" or "hate" button.

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