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Are you worried about your PC security ? are you worried about malware, spyware and more. Are you sure that your privacy is protected ? are you securely browsing the web. Yes, i guess not only these more questions rises in your mind and how you will fix them right. Well Sandboxie is one of the great tool to give solution to all your problems. One way all solution.

Current Security Scenario :

Earlier viruses and malwares were created for fun. But now the scenario is changing , we are coming across news everyday that informs us about the compromise of computer systems and other data theft.Even if you’re not online you’ve great amount of ways of getting infected .(yeah, like patients do !) Once your system is breached , your files may be modified , deleted and it mayn’t be possible for you to restore.

The Solution :

The best way is to STOP !!! visiting unknown sites and using external drives. Wait ! I know that it is certainly impossible. So the next best solution is to use a security solution such as Internet Security Suites to protect your computer from these threats.

And even here you have Norton’s, Kaspersky’s etc and you are left wondering which one to choose. While each has its own benefits and high detection rates none can promise 100% detection against unknown threats or new ones.

Introducing Sandboxie :

So what can you do in addition to your security suites to add an extra layer of protection ?  Simple, use SANDBOXIE !!!

Sandboxie creates a virtual environment for your programs and it is isolated from core system files. It limits the programs reach on a computer system. When a program is run normally , it can make changes to system registry and  other core system files. But when you run a program in a ‘sandboxed’ environment you can prevent permanent changes to your system files.

Download here : Download SandBoxie

Benefits :

  • Prevent Wear & Tear of Windows : Use Sandboxie to install and test a software in an isolated environment  and delete it when not required thereby you will keep your Windows lean.
  • Protect your Privacy : By running your web browser in sandboxed mode, you’ll protect your privacy since cookies and other info won’t leak into Windows.
  • Secure Browsing : When running in an sandboxed environment, even if a malware identifies a loophole it can’t make changes to core system.
Installation & Usage :
While most of your security solutions are resource hungry and drags your system down , Sandboxie isn’t . The installer is only ~1.9 MB and it uses very less system resource.Upon installation a default sandbox is created in Windows drive. It allows various types of integration options such as right click ‘context menu’ in Windows shell and web browsers. During installation it automatically scans for conflicts with other programs and offers compatibility settings.
When a program is run inside sandboxie, any changes that is done resides within your isolated storage area and it has no effect on your Windows or files. Sandboxie acts as a separate layer and protects your system from changes.Having said that, Sandboxie is not a tiny utility, it has wide array of features.
Sandboxie Control Panel :

The features can be configured easily using the Sandboxie Control Panel . Using this ,
  • You can terminate any program that behaves suspiciously inside the sandboxed environment.
  • You can configure any trustworthy program to access resources allowed by you explicitly.
  • Force run your web browser in sandboxed mode (registered users only).
  • Recover files from certain folders.
  • Automatically delete contents of sandbox when last running program is terminated.
  • and many other features.
License and other info :
Sandboxie is free to try and use but if you need additional features you need to register it for a small fee.There are three types of license.
  1. Lifetime License
  2. One year home License
  3. Commercial License
Benefits for registered users :
  • Removes the nag screen that initially appears after you have used Sandboxie for more than 30 days.
  • Enables the Forced Programs and Forced Folders features.
  • Covers the current version and all future versions of Sandboxie.
  • Permit you to use Sandboxie on any number of computers that you personally own.
  • Allows you to run programs in more than one sandbox at the same time
Fore more info :
Help and Support :
You can request help using their forum or you shall refer their tutorials, usage tips. We don’t see any reason for you to seek help because its interface is the simplest and friendlier to new users.
For Manual :
The Verdict :
It is an excellent program for Windows users who wants to add an extra layer of security to safeguard their PC from viruses and other threats.It also allows you to test an unknown program safely and erase it securely if something untoward happens.

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