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As we all know and waiting for tomorrow's big iPad event, I guess everyone is excited and trying to explore what will be the next iPad version, its updates, and what it would be called. As we are expecting the new iPad would be called iPad 3 or iPad HD as we have found that by the rumors with a massive upgrades for apple upcoming iPad.

I found found a iPad users survery from different iPad sources and the statistics : in the survey, a whopping 73% of iPad 2 plan to buy a new tablet this year. The stats also suggest that interest in Windows 8 is significant, though. Of the 73% people iPad 2 owners who plan to buy a new tablet, a solid 18% of them plan to switch over to the dark side. No other competing platform has anywhere near that much interest from current iPad 2 owners in our survey.

Well, as we are assuming that its a fact, at this point, that tomorrow's iPad announcement will include a Retina display that is 4x the pixel density as the current iPad version.Well, as we know when the new products comes to market it will open the door for Apple to leave the iPad 2 on the market at a lower price point.

Given the huge margins on iPads and the massive market opportunity that Apple is going after, I think it makes sense to keep the iPad 2 on the market at a reduced price. Lower prices will make it easier to go after the education market, for example.

A lower price also makes it easier to compete with the $199 price points of the Kindle Fire and BlackBerry Playbook. $499 for an iPad feels like a big stretch versus $199, but when you consider the larger size and super HD resolution, it’s compelling for those who can afford it. But if Apple could keep the iPad 2 on the market at a price that makes it easier to up sell people away from a $199 competitor, all the better.

Next, we need to thing about the people who are planing to upgrade to the next level ? if in case the iPad 2 price get lower as we all are expecting, then that is so obvious that a flood of very low priced is going to hit apple tablets on Craigslist and eBay.

The name of the game, for Apple, is to own mobile computing. They never owned the PC market and perhaps they never will. But they can dominant in mobile computing and I think an iPad 3/iPad HD along with a price cut on the iPad 2 is a great opportunity for them.

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