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Everyone love to send smiley or emoticons to their friends. We all know that now people love to chat over Facebook rather then any other places. Now messengers are like old way of chat where we have the option that we can chat using our Facebook social network Facebook. Smileys are like express your emotions without text. Showing your friends that your are laughing, You are feeling sad and others.According to a recent survey we have found that 80% of the chatting people are addicted to use smiley emoticons while they are chatting. We have already posted lot more smileys in our past articles that you already used.Now those smileys are old why not use something new. So here goes our new list of Facebook smiley codes:

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How to create facebook chat emoticons and smiley

 Here all you need to do is copy the below codes and paste it into your Facebook chat window and press enter and you will see the smileys like above:

[ If you are looking for some more animated, animations, letters, codes well we have posted more for you check out our - Facebook Chat Animated and letters smiley emoticons list 2012 

Facebook Smileys : New 2012

Facebook Chat Smiley Codes:

Do you want more then check this codes also : 
[[171108522930776]] - TroLL
[[164413893600463]] - MEGUSTA
[[218595638164996]] - YAO
[[189637151067601]] - Lol
[[129627277060203]] - Poker face.
[[227644903931785]] - Forever ALONE.
[[100002752520227]] - OKAY
[[105387672833401]] - FK YEA.
[[100002727365206]] - CH AC.
[[125038607580286]] - Forever alone navidad.
[[143220739082110]] - FK KIDDING ME.
[[168040846586189]] - Feel like a Sir.
[[169919399735055]] - NOT BAD.
[[142670085793927]] - M O G.
[[170815706323196]] - Cereal Guy.
[[167359756658519]] - NO
[[224812970902314]] - Derp
[[192644604154319]] - Derpina

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  1. When I copy paste this it comes up with the code and not the emoticon. What am I doing wrong?

  2. You need to change your mouse to the one that supports them.

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