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Do you want to suggest a facebook friend of yours to another facebook friend. Well, if both of them are in your list you can easily suggest them to add each other. I know its really important because to make a network or making a brunch of people is very important if you all like to hangout with each other over Facebook. Sometimes we see that some of our school friends are in our list but they are not added to each other. So keep in touch with everyone we would suggest our friends to our friends to make a great community. Well, Facebook let us do it so easily. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your friend profile that you would like to suggest friends.
Step 2:Click the settings icon at the top of your friend's profile (timeline), then click the Suggest Friends link.
 Step 3:Now Select the friend(s) you want to suggest. To find a particular friend, you can type their name in the Find Friends field or scroll through your complete Friends List. You can click the Filter Friends dropdown to sort your friends by network or Friend List. And then click on Send Suggestions.
Step 4: Now all the people you have select will get notification to add each other as suggested by you.

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