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remove/delete a friend or unfriend on Facebook timeline easy 3 steps. Well, after the new update of Facebook profile timeline, Facebook has changed its looks and the old things are still there for you. Facebook timeline has lot of friends features, you can also make a category of friends as a list where you can put your friends as there category, such as if your friend lives in your are then you can just put the friend on your Area list. If your friend is your close friend or classmate or even works with you then you can put them in separte list as you like. So, now how do you remove a friend from timeline profile.

Well, this is actually very simple. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: First , Go to your Facebook, search for the friend you want to remove/delete and go to his profile.
Step 2: Now in your friend profile, just right after your friend name and below the cover page hover over on "Friends" tab and click on "unfriend".
 Step 3: Now you will be prompt to confirmation that are you sure that you want to remove the friend from your friendlist. Click on "Remove from Friends" to confirm your request.

Thats It! now you will get a message that your friend has been removed from your timeline friend list now press OK and you are done your Friend profile will reload and you can see that your friend is removed from your friend list.

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