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Are you tired of lot of chat messages from a group conversation. Do you want to delete it or disable or even leave the conversation so that there will be no more notification of the conversation to you. Well, when you join a group in Facebook then the admins or users can create a group conversation with you and other people. Not only from group also if your friends want they can start a group conversation between you and her friends. I know this is very annoying getting to many notification or messages from different people and whenever a message send by any of the people you get the notification in your message inbox. Well, the solution is very simple and easy. Follow the below steps to stop chat of a group conversation chat on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to your facebook page.
Step 2: Now click on the message icon or select messages from left side menu top of your Facebook.

Step 3:Select the message that you don't like to get any more notifications.

Step 4: Now from the right top of your Facebook messages screen click on the Actions menu and click Leave Conversation.....
Step 5:Now confirm that you want to leave the conversation and you are done. Now there will be no more messages or notification in your inbox from that group conversation.

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