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We love to read isn't it so when we are reading on new ipad sometimes we don't know so many word meanings and we like to define it. What we usually do is go and find the word on dictionary. While reading newspaper, books, mails, webpages and others if we found a word that we don't know the meaning then we can simply use new iPad built-in dictionary. That will basically help you on understanding more, increase your reading efficiency, increase your vocabulary, and most important part that it will save lot of times for you. Well, Apple has made it so easy to use on new ipad all you need to do is follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select the tab you would like to define.
Step 2:Double tap on the word.
Step 3:A menu will pop up and you can tap Define to view the definition, pronunciation, and more.
Other text editing features
While the above features should be present throughout all of iOS, some apps choose to implement other text edit features.
If you are reading a book in iBooks you will also have the option to highlight text as well.
When composing an e-mail you’ll have the option to increase or decrease the quotation level, or apply other Rich Text formatting like Bold, Italic, or Underline.

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