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Do you want to open your own new timeline group. Well, the new Facebook groups looks pretty different then the older one. Its now improved updated and with more features and functions. Now you can add your friends to your group, chat with them, keep them up to date with your group conversation, let them share their thoughts, they can also invite their friends to join the group and there is much more. Opening groups in Facebook becoming very interesting because you can share everything like videos, pictures, status with your friends send them messages also can hide the group from searches and only add people that you want. Also without permission from you no one will be allowed to join the group.

Create a Group in facebook follow the below steps:
Step 1: Go to your Facebook home page.
Step 2: From the left side menu click on Create Group.
Step 3: Now Create New Group page will prompt. Add the name of your group in the Group name field. Add the people that you like to be in the group in the Members field. Now select your privacy:
1. Open - anyone can see your group, join your group and search your group.
2. Closed - everyone will able to search the group, ask to join but can't see posts only the members of the group will able to see the posts of the group.
3. Secret- Only members have access to the group.
After you have done with all the steps click on the Create button.
You are done. Now you will be redirect to the group page. In our next article we will describe how you can use your group and make it more attractive and popular.

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