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With the new ipad you can make your typing much easier. For example : copying text, editing text, paste any text and others. There is not CTRL OR CMD keys on the virtual keyboard of the new iPad. So, it is for sure people will get confused about the virtual keypad. As we always used to use CTRL and CMD keys. Well, so copy cut and paste text like MAC or PC is no more with the new iPad.Instead, there is a popup menu that appears at the tap — or double tap, of a finger.More functions are added inside the new tab which exactly varies from app to app on new iPad.So, if you are having problem with copy cut paste editing on your new iPad then just follow the bellow instructions:

How to Cute or Copy Text On New iPad
New iPad allow you to copy text from almost all the apps and websites, including cut text from apps that suppose text entries for example Notes or Mails. Well, they just work the same way.As we all know cut is very useful when you would like to move your text from one place to another. Copy is useful when you want to share text with someone or move it into another app or even mail notes etc.
So all you need to do is follow the steps:
Step 1:Go to the text that you would like to copy or cut.
Step 2:Now double tap in the area you would like to copy.
Step 3:Now a new popup will appear and blue anchors on your screen which selected the texts that you would like to copy.
Step 4:Drag these blue anchors to select the exact text you would like to copy. The starting and the ending.
Step 5:Once you have selected and adjusting your selection just tap the Copy or Cut on popup.
Now, you have have your text copied or cut.

Well, that's not only you also have option to select all the text on a give page.
Step 1:Tap the screen.
Step 2:When the popup menu appears, tap Select all.
Step 3:Now all you need to do is choose Cut or Copy.

Now the next steps will be you need to paste your copied text.

How to Paste Text On New iPad
Well, now you have your text already copied or cut. So, then you now will able to paste it into an email, text message, into a form on the web, a pages documents, or any other app on your new iPad which allow you to input text i mean text entry.
Step 1:Double tab on the screen where you would like to paste your text.
Step 2:You will able to see a popup menu, now tap on Paste.
[eg:If you don’t see a paste option, you may not have any text on your clipboard or the text you tried to copy may not be able to be copied.]

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