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how to find out how much do you spend daily on Facebook : We all use Facebook and even some people are just crazy about Facebook. I guess more then 50% of Facebook users login to their Facebook account regularly. I am using Facebook since a long time i guess more then a year. So, i was thinking i have spend 4 years of my life on Facebook now the question is how much time i have spend a regular basis or average. Well, we all know that every question has a answer if you try to find the solution. So, i have finally found my solution to how much time i have spend on Facebook.

You can simply use a Facebook app to know about your time history of Facebook. All you need to do is just visit the this app link and allow permission to access your basic info and they will give you the average time you have spend on your Facebook time period. Then you can also share it with your friends and keep it on your wall as well as a photo.

Another App to find out how much time you have spend on Facebook daily average.
You can also use a simple browser plugin to find it out. Well, this browser plugin not only gives you how much time you have spend, also where did you go, how many links you have visited and lots more.

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