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Now with all your Facebook lists you can add your interests as well. Recently, Facebook has added a new feature called Interests List where you can add all your favorite pages, subscriptions and friends as your favorite interests. So, whenever you would want to see any of your interests updates all you need to do is go thought your Interest list and see all the updates. I know its sound fun and very interesting right ? So, how you will able to add or create a Interest to your Interests List. Well its all simple just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook home page.
Step 2: Now from the left side menu on your Facebook home you can see a new tab called Interest then hover over just after the Interests text and you will find More button and click on it.
Step 3: Then click on the Create List.
Step 4: Now you can add your favorite or interesting pages, subscriptions and friends in the list. Now select your interest and press Next.
 Step 5: Now enter the name of your list in the List Name box. Choose privacy settings either you should like it to show in Public, friends or only for your self Only Me and then click Done.
 Step 6: You are done. Now you will be redirected to your New Interests list with the name you have given with all the updates of the pages, subscriptions and friends you have selected.

You can now share your list with your friends by click the share button top right corner, you can also add new people , pages and subscriptions from the suggestions by clicking add from the right corner tab and also can edit to add, remove from list from Manage List.

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