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After the release of new Facebook layout timeline, now its time for changes on Facebook chat option. So, Facebook didn't let you wait more and changed and give some easy to use Advanced Chat Settings or you can say features so that you can easily chat with your friends. Well, this actually makes more comfort for the people who have lot of friends on Facebook. Sometimes, we are pissed of or not in a good more so we don't like to chat with everyone or even sometimes we are not in a mood of chatting. New advanced chat options actually gives you the privacy for chatting. So, what Facebook has bring us this time with the new Advanced Chat option:

1.All your friends see you except...
If you select this option then all your friends will able to see you but the name you will going to enter on the box will not able to see you online. That means you can hide or ignore the people you don't like to chat with.
2.Only some friends see you...
This option gives you a great advanced which means if you only like to chat with few of your friends then you should select this option and then enter the name of your friends and that is all.
3.No one sees you (go offline)
That makes you appear offline for everyone. That means none of your friends will able to see you online.

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