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Well, everyone wish to know who viewed their profile and the question "Can others know when I view their profiles". Like it has being going from a long time that everyone want to know who viewed my profile, and few other people are confused does others know that i just visited his profile. For example you had crush on someone and you view her profile every single day. So, that is very obvious that you won't like it that she knows that you view her profile everyday and keep an eye on her.

But, Facebook confirms you that there is actually no way that people can know who viewed their profile. Facebook said:"No, Facebook doesn't currently provide an application that allows people to track profile (timeline) views or statistics on the views of any specific personal content. Third party developers, however, may offer applications that provide some of this functionality."
So, what about the other application that say that you have option that you know who viewed your profile by using this app on Facebook(Third Party Apps). But, Facebook has confirmed that those application are fake. Because no application on Facebook able to track profile (timeline) visits for people who simply go to any one's profile (timeline). Facebook has made this technically impossible.So, a app can not provide your any stats or any name that viewed your profile. Like : everything is stored in database so to be honest, Facebook has no such database for who viewed who's profile.

Now is there any way that you can still have that option ?
Well, yes in order to be tracked by an application, you will need to specifically agree to allow the application to track your actions. That means you will need to allow the app to store your profile stats so that app will track who viewed your profile not Facebook by its own. If you add a such type of application, you will need to be specifically agree to allow the agree to allow the app to track your actions you have made and yes these type of application are just optional. If you do not want them then don't allow them.don't add the application to your account.
In simple words: if you are using the app and your friend is using the app as well, it will track both of you and just show does your friend visited your profile, and to your friend did you visited his profile.

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