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If you think about what is Timeline and how it is works then Apple enthusiasts has created a timeline about the life of Steve jobs. So, this can be a great example for anyone who is running timeline profile and want to learn how things works on Timeline. Basically, you will get two benefits from Steve Jobs timeline page, you will know things about Steve Jobs life and rather then that you will able to find out how to present your self over timeline. Well now the problem is that the profile of Steve Jobs Timeline was taken down last Wednesday. But someone has captured it in video before the video was taken down. So, at least you can watch it over online you still have that option.
We think this video deserves a second look if you’re contemplating what to do with timeline on a page, a capability people expect Facebook to announce at the first ever marketing conference in New York on February 29.

Well, the video has no audio, but take a gander at the video, feel free to let us know what you think of it by posting in our below comment box:

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