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We know that very well mans are accept friend requests and others rather then women. Most of the woman ignore strangers requests and even sometimes the people they know. Well, now the subscribe button has given us a polite way to handle requests from strangers and keep in touch with all. That means you can even share with everyone even not in your friend list if you wish for.

But suddenly Facebook has changed few things and now Facebook wants us to respond to unanswered friend requests with only one option called "confirm friends" a test module on the home page suggests.

Well its really big in size you can view the screenshot below:

Now, that obviously draws us more attention and a quick view every time we visit our Facebook. It is much better then the friend request notification that appears the top of the screen and need to be clicked to view the list.
Currently, as far as the infographic Facebook users have around 130 friends, well i guess these number is increasing day by day as we can see at the past results, now it is increasing more. Well, it will be more faster if the social network continues to prompting people to respond to unanswered friend requests. By this way people will be more addicted to Facebook as they will have more friends.

The more friends people have, the greater the potential for viral marketers for via word of mouth messaging on the site. Facebook’s data team recently discovered that acquaintances contribute more to the spread of information than close friendships do.

So, now need to wait till the next infographic of Facebook friends average between all users then we will able to find out that the fixture will be permanent on the Facebook or not.

Well, Readers do you respond to your friend requests ?

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