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Zynga's Hidden Chronicles became the fastest growing app on Facebook. Well the top ranking means that it also has top ranked features and fun as well. Around 4.6 million players adding this week on Hidden Chronicles. Well as we know we always find the best apps for you and find the cheats to have more fun with the app.

Hidden Chronicles uncover hidden objects, solve puzzles and share the mystery with your friends further using the Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheats ask for +3, +5, +10 and +100!

Hidden Chronicles Cheat Guide

  •     Click on the Energy that you want (click 10 to 15 times)
  •     Select your dummy account and then select ‘Send Help Request’ (Do the same with the other tabs   but dont click the 2nd ‘Send’ Yet
  •     Now click all ‘Send Requests’ (after clicking ‘Send Requests’, close the tab to avoid lag)
  •     Now open your dummy account and accept all requests Have FUN!

Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheats

+3 Energy

+5 Energy

+10 Energy

+100 Energy

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  1. sorry i didn't get it were do i select the energy. wha t dummy account.

  2. Don't think this one works anymore ...tip needs to be deleted from this site