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Facebook Security : How To Secure Facebook Account and make it safe ? that you won't get hacked, attacked by viruses, scams, trojans, keylogger, exploit, vulnerability. Using few simple steps you can actually secure your Facebook Account. Even you can recover your account if someone has access to it.

Facebook has more then 800 millions of users worldwide and it is the most dominant social networking platform as well. We have already explained in one of our article a Infographic about Facebook news feeds links viruses and how many people loses their account.

Today, we are going in deep so that you understand the important to make sure your account is safe. 50% of Facebook more than 800M+ user log on to Facebook during any given day, in other words, people spend over 700 billion minutes on the site per month. 80% of Facebook's users are found outside of the United States. Facebook's population is nearly three times the U.S. Population of 313 million.

Now the question comes how you are being attacked ?
4 million of Facebook users experience spam on a daily basis. More then 20% of newsfeed links are currently open viruses. 600,000 logins are compromised every single day. that is 7 logins every second. So, you are getting attacked even inside from Facebook.

Here are the tips to make sure your Facebook account is 100% secure:

1. Create a strong password for your account. Most important is that don't people let guess what it could be so make a password that people can't guess. Also if you heard about brute force attack: attempt to login with millions of passwords.So, make a password that people can't even think of. Example of strong password: Dhka553TgMz@@sa

2. Make sure your password do not match with your email password. If somehow you are hacked the hacker will try to change your email address in order to stop recovery of your account. So, if your password of email ID and Facebook ID is similar then hacker will able access to your email and confirm email ID changes.

3. Make sure the email ID you used for Facebook login is hidden to your friends.

4. Make sure your account is registered with your phone number.This is very important. Whenever you do not have access to your account you can request password using SMS recovery.

5. Do not accept unknown friend requests. If you do not know someone do not let him view your information.

6. Monitor what your friends are sending and sharing with you.

7. Turn on Https:// browsing on your Facebook settings.
8. Don't click on suspicious links you get from message box, news feeds and others. People use so many tricks like keylogger so whenever you click any link all your browsers saved password will be saved in their database.

9. Do not save your password inside your browsers. If you save password's in browser whenever you enter any particular website contains viruses all your saved passwords will be saved on their database.

10. Download Facebook Security Software.

11. Use anti malware, spyware, internet security, anti virus so that everything you use will be protected.

12. Do not accept unwanted apps and allow them to access your information.

13. Make sure you are Security software's are up to date and your the brower you are to login to your account is up to date as well.

14. Open another email different account and go to your mail email ID of your Facebook account and enter the new email id in the optional email address field so that if even your email address is get hacked somehow then you will able to recover your email address using the optional email address.

15. Always remember your security questions and answers and do not let people know and guess about them.

16. Enable login notifications from Security Settings so that if someone access to your account from an unknown device or IP you will be notified instantly in your email.

17. If you are very much in need to security you should enable Login Approvals Security Settings so that whenever an unrecognized computer or device access to your account then a security key will required in order to access to your account. The security key will be sended to your main email address.

18. Adjust your Facebook privacy settings to help protect your identity.

19. Use remote logout to close any Facebook session that you may have left active on any computer or device, such as one at a cafe or your friend’s house.

20. If you have lost your account and you couldn't find any way to recover then you should contact Facebook Security center to help you out. Facebook Security Center

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