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A very popular worm named ramnit which was running since 2010 has stolen Facebook login and password information for about 45,000 Facebook users, and this attacked happened mostly on UK and France, Prowling the 800 million user database of Facebook, the worm has taken users names, password, login information, browser cookies. This is also acts like a backdoor, which means if your computer is infected by this virus then a hacker can attack that system anytime.According to Microsoft Malware Protection Center, Ramnit infects Windows executables, Microsoft Office and also HTML files. The Ramnit worm also intially transformed into financial malware in August 2011. according to the reports from Trusteer.

"What was once malware designed to steal data from financial institutions has evolved into a social network threat," says John Weinschenk, CEO at Cybersecurity company Cenzic. "Bank account numbers and Facebook log-in credentials seem very different, but to hackers, they are equally as lucrative."

So, now the question is how Ramnit works, it is simple when you are infected by ramnit then it will stole all your system information and send to the hackers database. It simply stole information of your Facebook login and password and then login to your account and send different types of links to your friends, whenever your friends click on that link your friend get infected too.

Beware of this Backdoor and use up to date antivirus and malware to protect your self and Facebook account from being hacked.

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