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Myspace one of the old social network is now positioning themselves to be the next big player in Social media TV tech. Justin Timberlake the co-owner of Myspace social network has annouced “We’re ready to take television and entertainment to the next step by upgrading it to the social networking experience.”

Well, now the questions arise on our mind when it is going to be launched, according to Myspace official web page MySpace TV is coming this Spring for more information you can visit Myspace Page. “With a growing lineup of broadcast and on-demand programs, Myspace TV puts you in control.  Whether you’re watching on a TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone, Myspace TV allows you to discover, share and comment on all the programs you and your friends are watching.”

Users will able to discover lot of staffs like what's hot, what's trending, what people (including celebs) are saying about content,what friends are watching and more.Not only this users will able to discover more information about the shows, videos and artists are watching and provide real-time engagement.

They are also focusing the service on music, and planning to expand into movies, videos, news, sports and reality channels as well.

The service tagline “Television is about to get social again with Myspace TV,” i know it sounds very different because , TV social before and then it stopped being social and Myspace is going to bring it back. Social TV was one the biggest buzzwords of the past year.

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