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If you are thinking about apps then yes iPhone is the best choice with 1000's of downloadable exciting apps. We have collected a new interesting app which might be very useful for you. The below app is very useful for safety.As we all want to out of trouble but sometimes we face problems that we have never expected. But don't get to worried if you have iPhone because below app is here to inform everyone.

MyGuardianAngel: This is a very cool application. Push of one button it will allow you to seek help from the people you trusted most like your friends and family members, it will capture any video evidence instantly and upload it to server,tracked by GPS send your location with your streaming audio from your iPhone update ALL of your emergency contacts like your most trusted friends and family as to exactly what kind of situation you are in and what type of help you might need.

So the great features of this app are : you can call 911 with your GPS position, stream audio with your GPS location to your friends and family or the listed contacts, you can also call contacts, record your video and instantly upload to server, you can even send a GPS position to any of your particular contact.

This is a great app for iPhone and you can easily get it from Apple Store - $0.99 for iPhone – App Store link

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  1. Wow Really a great informative post for iphone users. Thanks for sharing