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Step by step guide how to create a website or business or brand fan page in Google+ plus :
Pages become very popular after Facebook launched it and for every single business owners creating a fan page is very essential. Google+ plus made it easy for us to create a page for our brands and brings fans to it and increase the search engine results and ranks.

We know that how valuable a page can be for any type of advertisment, updates of products and marketing. If we get 10000's fans in our page whenever we update something on our page that 10000's fans will be notified about the updates. So it is very much nessesary for us to create a fan page.

Once you have a page, you will have a URL for it that you can include on all your other marketing collateral and in any communications your organization sends out. If you make the information on your Google Plus business profile available to everyone on the Web, then your page URL will also appear in Google searches, making it more likely that your organization will be discovered.

Follow the below step by step guide how to create a fan page in Google+ plus :

Step 1: Go to Google+ Plus Create to create a page.
Step 2: Now pic up the category of your brand. Here are the list of categories :
Local Business or place
Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services

Product or brand
Apparel, cars, electronics, financial services

Company, Institution or Organization
Companies, organizations, institutions, non-profits

Arts, Entertainment or Sports
Movies, TV, music, books, sports, shows

If your page doesn't fit any of the above catagories

Step 3: Now when you selected your category you will need to add your info. Type the name of your brand page. Type your website address.Select the Category of your brand. As i am going to open a fan page for my blog i have selected blog. You can give age restriction for your page. Your page will be publicly visible. Its content is appropriate for : any Google+ users , Users 18 or over 18, users 21 or over 21, even alcohol related. Now check the i agree with the terms and condition and click Create button.
Step 4: Now you will need to wait a few second let Google plus create your page.
Step 5: If you want to use your Google+ account as this page, your post comments notifications will be from your fan page then click the OK button. Now enter upto 10 taglines or keywords that describe your band. Select the logo or banner of your brand using the Change Profile Photo and upload it and then click the Continue button.

Step 6: Now you have just one step to go.

Step 7: Now share with your Google + plus circle and tell them about your page. When you are done click on the Finish button.
Step 8: And your are done your page has been successfully created. Now you can post your products updates , information and more also can invite people directly from your website or via the url to join your Google Plus page.

In our next article we will tell you about how you will able enter code in you website so that your website users will able to join to your fan page directly from your website.

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